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Attorneys, advocates and parents of kids with special needs - learn more about how you can help!

What do Moses, a red Lamborghini and a little girl have to do with special education?

  And why are the Feds coming to Tenafly? 

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Special Defenders

We have been connecting volunteer advocates and attorneys with parents in need and these Special Defenders have achieved some incredible results.

Calling all attorneys, advocates, and parents of children with special needs who have successfully fought for the rights of their children:

Volunteer your time to help other parents

To help, it doesn’t take much effort.  Just having yourself copied on all email correspondence with a school district, to let them know that someone else is watching, can be a big help to a family.

We had the help of an amazing parent of a child with autism who is an attorney and prevailed in our year long battle with the Tenafly, NJ school district.

Drive4Rebecca will also assist families unable to afford the services of an attorney or advocate, beyond what volunteers can offer, to raise money to help pay for these services.

Want to help a friend or family member? 

Designate someone who has a child with special needs to benefit 100% from your donation to help provide legal services so that no child with special needs gets left behind!   

Ian and his dad - George from Georgia

Nicole and George Phillips have a a 7-year-old child with autism named Ian.  School officials in Worth County, GA thought that paddling would be an effective form of discipline and that it was okay to restrain him without informing his parents.

Ian's dad, George, who's a great school parent and who never causes any trouble got really upset.  He posted a joke on Facebook - just like the kind of jokes I've been posting - poking fun at and insulting my local officials - he wrote that Wyatt Earp was coming to town to clean up the education system.

The school district didn't find it funny and called the cops - a swat team arrived at his house, arrested him, and he was charged as a terrorist.

It was pure retaliation and illegal to call the police. The Worthless County school district and their horrific so called educators may be hearing from the Feds like their cohorts in my town - I filed Federal Civil Rights complaints and the Feds are coming to Tenafly, NJ.

Luckily for little Ian and the Phillips Family, Special Defender Robin Lucas drove across Georgia to the rescue and kicked some Worthless County butt.

Please like and invite your friends to follow along so we can help many more families.

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