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The Parent Resource Guide

Advocacy Help by State

Advocacy Assistance Nationwide

  1. Advocacy 4 All

  1. The ARC of the United States

  1. Autism Response Team 

  1. Children’s Rare Disease Network -

  1. Consumer Guide for Health Insurance Disputes -

  1. COPAA - Council of Parent and Attorney Advocates -

  1. and 

  1. Microboards - setting up support systems for people with disabilities


  1. National Association of Healthcare Advocates -

  1. National Down Syndrome Society - and resource guide

  1. National Family Caregivers Association -


  1. Sunshine Review - state by state directory for Freedom of Information Act requests

  1. United Cerebral Palsy -

Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS Resources

  1. Adults with Aspergers article  (NY Times)

  1. Books by Temple Grandin, a leading author

   and successful entrepreneur who has autism

 Developing TalentsThinking in Pictures (expanded edition)

 The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

 Understanding Autism for Dummies (forward by Temple Grandin)


  1. Aspergers Disorder Information


  1. ASPEN - Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism

  1. Autism Cares - Help families affected by autism during

  natural disasters and other catastrophic life events  

  1. Autism Society of America


  1. Autism Speaks 

  1. K12 Academics Aspergers Syndrome Pages


  1. O.A.S.I.S “Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support”


  1. Yale Child Study Center - Pervasive Developmental Disorders


Behavior Analysis and Research


  1. The Association for Behavior Analysis


  1. Association for Science in Autism Treatment


  1. Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

  2. Organization for Autism Research (OAR)

Educational Programs using Applied Behavioral Analysis

United States

  1. Alpine Learning Group

  1. EDEN II/Genesis


  1. Garden Academy


  1. Institute for Educational Achievement


  1. New York Child Learning Institute


  1. Princeton Child Development Institute - Great book about

  their world renowned teaching methods (Activity Schedules)


  1. REED Academy

  1. The Rich Center


  1. Somerset Hills Learning Institute



  1. Geneva Centre for Autism (Canada)

  1. Treehouse - Autism Education - UK


Estate Planning and Financial Planning

  1. Academy of Special Needs Planners

  1. Mass Mutual SpecialCare program

  1. Merrill Lynch Special Needs Financial Services

  1. MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning

  1. Protected Tomorrows

  1. The Special Needs Alliance

  1. Great article on Estate Planning (NY Times)


  1. Including All Girls Initiative for Girl Scouts


  1. Inclusion For All  (focused on summer camp inclusion)

  1. The Inclusion Network

  1. In the Community - excerpt from The Special Needs Parent Handbook

  1. Kids Included Together


  1. Nice article on inclusion/sensitivity exercises (The Record)



  1. Adaptive Ski and Sports Programs  (worldwide)

  1. Adaptive Sports Foundation (Windham Mountain, NY)

  1. Article on Accessible Playgrounds (The Record)

  1. National Ability Center (Park City, UT)

  1. Nice article on sports programs (NY Times)



  1. Article - Keeping Tabs on Accidental Wanderers (NY Times)



  1. Lekotek

  1. Stars4kidz

  1. ToysRUs Toy Guide for Differently Abled

  1. Article on gifts for kids with special needs  (NY Times)

  1. Article about inventor of toys for individuals with disabilities  (NY Times)


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Available in paperback and for Kindle

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All proceeds support our library donation program & advocacy initiatives - volunteer and get one for free

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